About Us

Welcome to Escape Plan. Our aim is to present a hand picked selection of the finest streetwear and outdoor brands and offer exceptional service along the way. We want to become your one stop shop for all male related clothing and adventure gear, whether it's a roadtrip with the boys or a five-day wilderness excursion.  Plus we'd also like to inspire you to try a little escapism in a frantic world, and find ways to make a difference even in a small way. 


Escape Plan was started by a couple of guys from little old NZ – one from down south and one from up north. We’re passionate about getting outdoors with our mates and escaping the daily grind. Depending on the season you’ll find us either up the mountain, on a trail, taking the dog for a run down the beach, or trying to get the bloody dog to come back. 


A few years ago we had an idea about starting a store full of the stuff we’d get for ourselves… loads of clothing, accessories and gear to support both what we want to wear everyday in the city, and what we need in our weekend packs. Over the years we’ve lived in Queensland, Texas, New York, London, Melbourne and a bunch of one-horse towns in between… we’re aiming to bring you the best clothing and gear we’ve seen in our travels along with hometown favourites like Huffer and Federation


Our promise is to bring you the best clothing and gear – the stuff you’ll get from us will last for donkey’s years, and we personally hand pick everything in the store. We won’t try and flog you a jacket that lasts only one year or a cheap knife that goes dull. If something does go wrong, we’ll make it up to you (we give you 101 days for returns). And, we’re based right in NZ - next to a café that makes a serious brew and is a couple of hundred metres from the beach. 


Oh, and one other thing… we get how lucky we are to live in New Zealand. We’re in the best place in the world for weekend escapes and catching up with mates. Not all places are quite as fortunate though, so we’re dedicated to helping out our pacific neighbours. 

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